Signed Copy of Orange is Optimism

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Let us sign and personalize your copy of Orange is Optimism!

As we approach the one-year anniversary Orange is Optimism's birth (aka publication) into the world of fine, unrefined literature, we are beyond excited to sign and personalize books again, for a limited time!

Send in your name, or if the book is a gift, the name of the book's future owner. We will sign and write a personalized note, just for you. You also can leave a requested message.

Can't wait to get our hands on your copies, fellow Optimists.

We love you. <3

kit + J.R. 

*Orders are mailed out on a weekly basis. We are signing and mailing out books from the road. Upon receiving your order, we'll let you know when your signed book will be mailed out, from the nearest post office we can find. Thank you for understanding!