Orange is Optimism Hardcover Book

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Orange is Optimism

Hardcover, 248 pages, including full-color photo spreads and a 122 page novella.

Orange is Optimism is an innovative, genre-blending book, which we have dubbed a pictotext, a blend between a novel and photobook.


Whats Inside 

248 pages, including:

100 full-color photos, in spreads with original quotes.

122 page novella

Dozens of original illustrations, hand-drawn by Kit.


Signed Copies:

If we could have it our way we would absolutely love to sign and hand touch everyones book. However, there is not enough space in the bus to carry and ship out books on an ongoing basis.  If you see us out there we would be happy to sign your book while we hang out.  Perhaps one day we will find a solution that will allow us to put extra love in everyones copy.  Until then we hope you enjoy the words photos and illustrations as printed and sent by our distributor. 



This text may not be appropriate for small children. Adult children welcome to peruse. If you have questions, please contact us.

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